RV Pro Source

Hello, I’m Jay, the founder of RV Pro Source. RV Pro Source is a growing online resource for RV owners and enthusiasts. The platform provides valuable insights, expert advice, and the latest industry news to help users navigate the world of RV ownership. The content ranges from maintenance guides and safety practices to industry trends, making it a one-stop destination for all things related to RVs. RV Pro Source aims to empower its community with knowledge, enhancing their RV experience and ensuring their travels are safe and enjoyable.

About Me: My love affair with RVs began in 2018, following my retirement from the US Navy. In search of a new adventure, my family and I made the decision to sell our house and embark on a journey of full-time RV travel across the USA.

The joy and freedom we’ve experienced through RVing have been life-changing. It inspired me to pursue a second career in the RV industry and leverage my knowledge to help others embark on their own RV journeys.

I am a Certified NRVIA Inspector and an RVTAA Registered Tech. With these qualifications and my first-hand experience, I am uniquely positioned to offer insight, advice, and services that cater to all RV owners, whether you’re just starting out, a weekend enthusiast, or a seasoned full-timer.

Welcome aboard, and here’s to the many miles of adventures ahead!